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There are two ways you can support your application to Laurier.

Applicant Background Summary Form

At Laurier, we believe extracurricular involvement and personal achievements are important. You can choose to submit extracurricular information that may be used for admission consideration by submitting the Applicant Background Summary (ABS) form after you apply. The form is optional but highly recommended.


  • If you have applied to more than one Laurier program on your OUAC application, you only need to submit the form once.
  • Applicants to the Faculty of Music do not need to complete the form as additional information is collected through the audition process.

How to Complete Your Applicant Background Summary Form

  1. Go to the applicant portal. If it’s your first time logging in, follow our instructions to log in to your portal account.
  2. Select the "My Applications" tab.
  3. Under the "Strengthen Your Application" heading, click on "Complete your Applicant Background Summary form."
  4. Follow the steps to complete the form.

Special Cases or Extenuating Circumstances

If recent or present circumstances have impacted your ability to achieve a strong academic standing, you may submit a personal statement. It is your decision to disclose any supporting details.

  1. Go to the applicant portal
  2. Select the "My Applications" tab. 
  3. Under the "Strengthen Your Application" heading, click on "Complete the Special Case or Extenuating Circumstances form."
  4. Follow the steps to complete the form. 
  5. You must submit your statement by the posted deadline for the term that you will begin your studies.

Note: This is a different review process from the ABS form. Do not include information about extenuating circumstances on your ABS form. These items should be submitted separately.

Submission Deadline

It is recommended that you submit the ABS form and, if applicable, your personal statement detailing a special case or extenuating circumstance within two weeks of applying to Laurier.

The last date to submit either item are listed below based on the your term of entry. If you submit your application after this date, you will not be able to submit an ABS form.

Term of Entry Deadline
Spring 2024  April 1, 2024
Fall 2024 April 25, 2024
Winter 2024 Dec. 1, 2023

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