Psychology (BA)

Psychology delves into the exploration of human behavior and experiences, encompassing thoughts, emotions and actions. In our Bachelor of Arts (BA) program, you can examine psychology through the lens of social sciences, gaining insights into how elements such as personality, societal influences, external surroundings, cultural diversity and biology shape individuals' behaviors and cognitive functions.

Interested in a degree in law enforcement or the tech sector? You can pair your Psychology (BA) degree with one in Policing (BA) or Computer Science (BA).

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Apply Your Learning

Make the most out of your university career by taking advantage of all that Laurier has to offer you. Volunteer work, campus clubs, leadership programs, studying abroad, work experience – there are so many ways you can extend your classroom experience into the real world.

Here are just a few examples of the experiences you’ll have access to in the Psychology program:

  • Participate in labs that let you practice what you’ve learned in class in real life.
  • Partner with your professors in research projects, or team up with local organizations to support the development of our local Milton community.


2022 graduates who secured employment or went on to postgraduate studies


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Format: full time or part time      Duration: four years     Start: September (fall term) or January (winter term)   
OUAC codes: UPQ (BA); UPR (BA in Combination)

Program Details

Become an Expert on Human Behaviour

Studying Psychology at Laurier Milton means taking a deep dive into the foundations and motivations of human decision-making. Understanding the science behind the human mind will equip you to succeed in a wide variety of professional contexts relating to health, education, family, community services, life transitions and more.

A Psychology degree will help you to engage responsibly and meaningfully with people from all walks of life. It will also empower you to conduct impactful and high-quality research to contribute to studies in academic, medical and educational contexts.

Why Study Psychology at Laurier Milton?

Small class sizes, along with a schedule that not only aligns with your peers but also supports a commuter lifestyle, will offer you that unique “study close to home” opportunity you’ve been hoping for.

Program Options and Courses

Combine Your Degree

Psychology is available at Laurier Milton as an independent Bachelor of Arts (BA) or as a BA in combination with another Laurier Milton or online program. Here are two sample programs you could combine with your Psychology degree:

  • Computer Science (BA in Combination): Study the fundamentals of programming, algorithm design and computation, then pair those learnings with your Psychology studies to develop more effective, accessible and understanding systems and services for your community.
  • Policing (BA in Combination): With an emphasis on highly relevant issues such as diversity and ethics, the fully online Policing program pairs perfectly with Psychology if you’re interested in supporting, or serving within, law enforcement teams.

Sample First-Year Courses

  • Introduction to Psychology I
  • Introduction to Psychology II
  • Foundations for Community Engagement and Service

Sample Upper-Year Courses

  • Environment, Psychology and Action
  • Drugs and Behaviour
  • Close Relationships
  • Positive Psychology

Similar Programs

Tuition and Scholarships

Join us for year one and you could earn a scholarship to study at Laurier Milton.

The top 100 fall 2024 Laurier Milton applicants with confirmed offers will receive a scholarship entitling them to $1,250 per year for each of their four undergraduate years at Laurier. This is a $5,000 donor-funded entrance scholarship just for Laurier Milton students.

Plus, you can apply to all the other entrance scholarships and bursaries offered to Laurier students.


"I got to know all of my professors personally. I really enjoyed how approachable and friendly my professors were. I completed a research project and felt so supported to pursue my interests."

Emily Struthers, Psychology graduate

Your Career Awaits

It’s not only about the journey; it’s about the destination. Let us help you get to where you’re going.

Here are just some examples of our graduates' destinations. What’s yours?

Sample Career Options

Note: Additional training and education may be required.

  • bereavement counsellor
  • child life specialist
  • demographer/statistician
  • gerontologist
  • mediator
  • public policy analyst
  • speech-language pathologist

Explore more careers.

Support After Graduation

Alumni for life means that you have access to Career and Employment Support offered at Laurier for your entire career.

Milton Campus

Laurier is launching an all-new commuter-friendly campus in fall 2024. Conveniently located just outside the GTA, Laurier Milton facilitates a comfortable learn-work-live lifestyle through small class sizes, convenient schedules, high-quality academics and outstanding local industry connections.

Don’t miss out on being part of the first class of Laurier Milton Golden Hawks.

"I enjoyed the broad range of classes which allowed me to develop my interests in subjects I would not have normally enjoyed."

Colin Newstead, Psychology graduate

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