Continuing Education Values

We are Laurier

As an extension of Laurier’s community, we invite lifelong learners participate in ongoing future-ready learning designed for today’s needs. We provide adult and professional learners skills and learning to grow Laurier’s global impact, while upholding Laurier’s commitment to academic integrity and community.

We are guided by creativity and collaboration

As a key source of credential innovation within Laurier, Continuing Education collaborates directly with community partners, organizations, industry leaders, and on-campus expertise to anticipate professional and community learning needs for adults, professionals, and lifelong learners.

We are fulfilling adult learner needs faster with more flexibility

We develop and offer new non-degree credentials and learning experiences. This learning is more flexibile, accessible and requires less time and financial commitment than traditional higher education. Learners in our programs aren’t traditional “students.” Lifelong learners bring valuable life and work experiences. When incorporated into programs, our participant expertise can enrich learning for all.

We are humanizing online education

We connect our programming to the problems and learning gaps facing today’s professional. Programs are led by active industry instructors and experts. Continuing Education and our instructors personally engage and collaborate with learners to anticipate and fulfill learning needs.