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Minimum Requirements

  • Proof of high school graduation.
  • Six courses are required for admission.
  • All required courses must be at the honours, Advanced Placement (AP) or senior level.
  • Ensure transcripts covering grades 9-12 are included with your application. If you are currently in grade 12, include all in-progress or enrolled courses.


  • In acknowledgement of the various grading scales used throughout American Curriculum, the grading scale on the transcript will be used. Grades are converted to reflect a 50% pass.
  • School profiles may be requested to verify course offerings and grading scale.
  • Course descriptions may be requested to verify that the content covered in a prerequisite course is sufficient.
  • To clear conditions, an official final high school transcript with confirmation of graduation sent directly from your school will be required.
  • If you have completed or are planning to take any AP exams through the College Board, you can get more information on the Advanced Placement (AP) page.

Prerequisite Equivalencies

Programs and required prerequisites can be found on our program pages.

Prerequisite Equivalencies
Ontario Required Courses American Curriculum
English 12 (ENG4U) Grade 12, Honours or Advanced Placement (AP) English
Advanced Function 12 (MHF4U) Pre-Calculus or Algebra 2
Calculus & Vectors 12 (MCV4U) Calculus 12 or Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus
Data Management 12 (MDM4U) Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics
Biology 12 (SBI4U) Honours, Advanced Placement (AP) or senior level Biology
Chemistry 12 (SCH4U) Honours, Advanced Placement (AP) or senior level Chemistry
Physics 12 (SPH4U)  Honours, Advanced Placement (AP) or senior level Physics

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