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RBC Future Launch Scholarship

  • For Canadian youth between 15-29 years old
  • Enrolled part time in school or not in school at all
  • A Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident
  • Grades and transcripts are not required
  • Hundreds of scholarships available throughout the year
  • Not working at RBC or a dependent of someone working at RBC

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Canada Job Grant 

The centre is a recognized training provider under the Canada Job Grant Agreement. This agreement is a key source of funding for new, employer-driven training initiatives and is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, in all industries and regions. The grant will provide direct financial support (up to two-thirds of the cost of training, with a maximum of $10,000 per grant) for employers who wish to purchase training for their workforce. 

Employers will be required to contribute the remaining one-third of the training costs. Small businesses with 50 or fewer employees could also benefit from flexible arrangements, such as the potential to count wages as part of their employer contribution.

This grant may be used to support the following training costs:

  • tuition fees or fees charged by training providers;
  • mandatory student fees;
  • textbooks, software and other required materials; and
  • examination fees

For more information about qualifying and the application process, visit Employment and Social Development Canada website or your provincial government page:

"I am so thankful I came across the Canada Job Grant. The process to apply was clear, quick, and easy to navigate. I definitely recommend that employee's and employers look into this process because it's certainly worth it."

– Katrina DeAngelis, StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting